Mother Teresa Leadership Profile Project

Type of Leader and Management Style

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty." - Mother Teresa

Leadership Style
Mother Teresa was a situational leader. She helped people according to their situation, for example if they were starving she would provide food for them, if they had no place to stay she would provide a home for them to say at, if they were ill she took her time to practice medicine in order to help heal them. If a situation came, she would find a solution to help them in some way.

Mother Teresa would implement her plans to help the people of India. She was caring, understanding and determined to help as many people as she could. She made sure that people were being cared for according to their needs and she would make sure that there was enough food, medicine, clothing and room for the old and young. She also provided for her followers. In return, many students that she had taught returned to join her in her cause to help humanity.

10 Characteristics of Leadership
  1. Organization: She went through training, learned English, took vows, was sent to India, and taught the ways of Catholicism, and made sure she was prepared to care for and help the poor and needy before getting permission to leave and do so.
  2. Determination: She was concerned with the poverty in India, she took it upon herself to make sure it went down and that the people were helped and cared for.
  3. Well Equipped: She learned the ways of medicine and made sure she had supplies along with food and shelter to house the sick and poor.
  4. Effective: She inspired others to come and help and in return became known as a famous humanitarian. Spread the word of poverty in countries like India.
  5. Intelligent: she made sure to learn the languages before going to work, she also learned how to use medicine professionally to help the ill.
  6. Dependable: She was help to a lot of people, they depended on her for food, medicine, shelter, etc. And she made sure to provide it.
  7. Courageous: She was willing to take chances, she wanted to help and she gave up a lot in order to do so, she eft her home and family to provide and help those without.
  8. Confidence: She was confident in her work as well as satisfied.
  9.  Caring: She was caring towards all people that came to her for help, she turned down no one. 
  10. Inspirational: She inspired others to do good. People saw the things that she did and were inspired to join her in helping those less fortunate.